About us

Our company, which has been based on quality and trust since the day it was founded, aims to grow day by day and grow based on the principles of quality and trustin service. Curizon, which pays great attention to being different and innovative in itsdesigns, is on its way to becoming a sought-after brand with its quality and difference. Just like choosing furniture and sofas, producing them requires great knowledge,passion and pleasure. We have chosen as our profession to design and produce products that will add value to life.

Our work is to stay up to date and be one step ahead.We are currently involved in work that makes us more exciting; Curizon started withthe production of modern sofas in 2007. In 2015, we carry out Concept design production of Bedroom, Dining Room and TV unit furniture. We are creating our new store concepts in order to bring our functional, high-quality, different, original and durable products to our consumers in the most stylish and decorative environments.While we are increasing the number of our stores in select locations of our country,we are also providing added value to our country by exporting to 12 countries.