Sofa Info

Date: 2017-11-06

• Place the sofa mechanism about 20 cm away from the wall for regular operation and non-wall impact if your sofas does not have a wall-neutral feature.

• Place your furniture (quilts, blankets, dowry, clothing, etc.) so that the height of the box and drawer section does not exceed the height of the product.

• Do not overload the information label.

• Do not pull the sewing threads on the product. Cut with scissors so that it is not at the bottom

. • To allow your children to play longer, do not allow them to jump, jump.

Care and Cleaning Suggestions

• Proper maintenance is a must for long-term use. The characteristics of the stains that can form on a variety of occasions can vary. Which stain and what kind of process should be applied on the fabric, the correct and correct method should be applied. For this reason, observe the following warning during wiping and cleaning operations

. • Use it for cleaning if you have not experienced a problem with the cleaner after testing it in an invisible part of the fabric

. • Cream, shoe polish, oil, lipstick and so on poured over your product. remove the contamination from the drying without delay. Contact with heat, light and air, stabilizes the stain, is difficult to remove.

• Do not clean your product with machinery or tools that will damage the product such as carpet washing machine, hard brush, chemicals, bleach, etc., do not use cotton cloth.

• Do not use water while cleaning your products. If necessary, dry them immediately with a slightly damp cloth

. • When cleaning your products, use warm soapy water or floor shampoo and a soft sponge. Clean the product by wiping in the direction of weaving without touching the product directly with water.

• Do not clean by wetting, pressing, brushing. Some fabrics are particularly sensitive due to their design.

• After a certain period of time due to the use of chenille, alcohol, flock fabrics with a high pile height, the pile can lie in one direction. This can create the impression that there is a tonal difference in the fabric depending on the point of view and the difference of the light. This condition, which is caused by the fabric structure, will be removed if cleaning is done using warm soapy water as described above.

• Do not use dryers, ironing machines or hair dryers. Do not leave in direct sunlight. • When cleaning flooring such as carpets, rugs, etc. on wooden foot products, remove the product or make sure that its feet are not wetted.